16 Ways To Control Pests in Baltimore

A long time ago I declared war on pests of all stripes. Indeed, mankind has been fighting this battle for millennia trying to keep their crops and homes free from invaders who like the same food and warm spaces. Today people use many means to either kill, deter or otherwise control pest populations. We at Nest pest control in Baltimore use many of the methods I describe below.

Some are better for one type of animal than another. For instance, a fence might be good to keep the deer out, but does nothing for mosquitoes. I thought I'd share with you 16 or so ways that we utilize in pest control. As a caveat, not all of these techniques are employed by every pest control company. Domesticated, Pest-destroying Animals Dogs and cats have been used to keep down rodent populations since ancient Egypt. The nations in the Fertile Crescent also tended to use ferrets and mongooses as mouse and rat control. As a child, I had a ferret and can attest that she kept the mouse population at zero in the …